Why are the first 30 seconds at Mint.com better than the first 30 seconds at your website? (And my website, too.)

by Editweapon on April 28, 2008

Watch the video and I’ll explain:


In summer 2006, I heard Bryan Eisenberg say at Search Engine Stragtegies conference in San Jose:

"Traffic is NOT your problem. Conversion is your problem!"

This statement hit me like a ton of bricks. I grabbed four copies of their newly released book, Waiting For Your Cat to Bark, and read most of it on the hop back to PHX.

In December 2006, I went to Wizard Academy outside of Austin to take a class called Wizards of Web, taught by Bryan & Jeffrey Eisenberg. The biggest takeaway for me was realizing that in every buying situation (web or in person), there are ALWAYS four modes in which people buy.

  1. Fast + Logical = "Competitive"
  2. Fast + Emotional = "Spontaneous"
  3. Slow + Emotional = "Humanistic"
  4. Slow + Logical = "Methodical"

Recognizing this, the way in which you organize content and copy on your website is the difference between a website conversion rate of 2% and 10%.

So I hired them…and Google did a Case Study!

At the Wizards of Web class, I talked to Bryan and Jeffrey about hiring their team to do some work for Jigsaw Health, my other company. They had a "hush-hush", insider opportunity to Beta test Google Web Optimizer on some clients, and we agreed to go forward. We eventually became a Google case study, which was pretty cool. :)

Want More?

I’ll admit, it was sort of a PITA to do this website review. I’m not a professional presenter or public speaker. And I tend to let perfect become the enemy of good enough too often.

So please give me some feedback. Would you like more website design reviews and "Before & After" type videos. Is it useful to you? Would you subscribe to my feed?

Even though, they're a pain in my ass (or maybe because they are a pain in my ass), you want me to make more videos like this?

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Update: I learned from What Winning TechCruch40 Did for Mint.com that they have 10,000 new user sign-ups per week. Having a great website isn’t the only reason for that, but Mint.com optimizes traffic conversion el big time. I estimate a 17% conversion rate.

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