6words – The Twitter Story Contest (May 6th ONLY)


Tony , the CEO of Zappos, put on a spur of the moment Twitter contest 17 days ago, and I won the Van Halen towel . Sweeeeeet! (Rest of the story.)

When I received my "major award" (think ‘A Christmas Story’), included was a $100 gift certificate. TOTALLY unexpected. Totally rad.

Without a doubt, Tony is rich. Without a doubt, Tony is generous. Methinks Tony was probably generous before he was rich.

And now I’d like to pay it forward…

Write a story in 6 words

Ernest Hemingway is best known for writing ‘The Old Man and The Sea’. A forever book that I "read" in high school.

Well, there’s a rumor that he was challenged to write a story using ONLY 6 words. He proclaimed this to be his best work of prose…ever.

"For Sale: Baby shoes, never used."
-Ernest Hemingway

Damn. Chills.


At the time I received the Zappos gift certificate from Tony & team, I had just finished a book called The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn. A situation presented itself for me to be secretly generous with more money that I would normally feel comfortable giving away to something that isn’t a non-profit where I could gain a tax write-off. But I did it, and I felt GREAT about it!

Thinking about Hemingway’s 6 word story, I penned my own:

"Money buys happiness; give some away."
-Patrick Sullivan Jr.

Clearly, I’m no Hemingway, but I thought this would be a fun way to find one on Twitter.

(Pretty sure Hemingway would have liked Twitter.)

Contest Rulez

Pretty simple. I’ll monitor hashtags and tweetscan for entries. Then I’ll confer with my posse and the best 6 word story wins $100 Zappos gift certificate.

Since I’m no Hemingway OR GaryVee could you please spread/tweet the word. Maybe we can blow this up to a fraction of GV’s Good People Day 08 ??

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  1. My reaction reading your stories. Nice job so far team!

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