Allow Myself to Introduce Myself

by Editweapon on January 13, 2008

Who is TheEditWeapon? I am.

I love software UI application design. No, not the colors and shading and crap like that — just the important stuff like what things are called, where they are placed on the screen and in what sequence, what your error and confirmations say, if something is plural that should be singular…

Ok, actually I obsess over this stuff.

My best work is done after your developers have already built the interface that made sense to them.

I don’t do new design from the ground up. That’s because “everyone” (the camel committee*) tries to have their say and wars erupt over IMPORTANT things like if you should call a company a “Company” or an “Account.” I get involved after this process and your poor users have to use the crap you built.

Are your sales and marketing peeps emailing you to say, “Dear Product Manager of Inherited Crap 2.0, the prospects are complaining that our app is just too damn hard to use!”

Or maybe it’s too hard to learn? (These are 2 unique usability concepts, though almost no one ever consciously complains about the latter.)

Call me dude. My work is guaranteed.

And btw, it’s Company.*

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