Removing Friction in the Age of Context

I just posted my first post on Medium called, The “Age of Context” is about Removing Friction.  Thx to Chris Lee for inspiring the idea after he sat through his umpteenth demo of Contatta earlier this week.  🙂

Posting on Medium was an interesting experience.  Their editor for creating the post is gorgeous.  It’s 100% WYSIWYG.  When you click Publish, it looks exactly the same.  Talk about removing friction…With WordPress (which I’m writing in right now), the Visual editor uses a different font and spacing than post page.  So my writing/editing process is generally 1) write it, 2) preview post in a different tab, 3) repeat ad nauseum until the post looks just right.  😉

So I think I’m going to write a few more posts on Medium.  There’s two other “design-ish” posts that I’ve been mulling over for a long time.  “Frequency-of-use vs. Ease-of-use” is one.  “The pros and cons of Bolting-on vs. Building-from-scratch” is another.  We’ll see if those ever make it out of draft status.  😉